Barcelona Destination Guide

There are a lot more Barcelona highlights than just football and Formula 1 racing – there is history, art, culture, architecture and the blue Mediterranean Sea, to begin with. Barcelona, Spain’s second largest city, has a history that dates back to the 1st century, when it was established as a Roman colony called Barcino. Yet today the city presents a distinct Catalonian character that blends the ancient with the modern and even the futuristic. The 1992 Olympics and the inclusion of nine Barcelonan structures in the UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites thrust Barcelona onto the world stage. There are four beautiful, clean and safe beaches and 68 parks of which 12 are historic, five are thematic and six are forest parks. There are ancient cathedrals and neo modernist architectural marvels. The beautiful ski slopes of the Pyren√©es are just 125 kilometres away.

Barcelona has something to suit the interests and tastes of every kind of traveller.

Here in our Barcelona destination guide below we have compiled a list of things we think you may like to enjoy while staying at your Barcelona hotel. Some of these Barcelona tourist attractions listed below are included in organized tours, so please check our Barcelona tours page to make bookings. Our Spain country guide has more general information in regards to travelling around the country.

Things to see & do in Barcelona

Explore the awesome Barcelona tourist attractions awaiting you!