Weather in Barcelona

The climate in Barcelona is a temperate Mediterranean climate that makes it a round-the-year destination. Cool and warm breezes from the sea temper the scorching summers and the cold winters so that summers are manageable and dry, while winters are humid and mild. Barcelona has well demarcated seasons. The weather in Barcelona does not throw up any major surprises. The period between May and July is the best time to visit Barcelona but you will be equally comfortable the rest of the year.

Summer can be quite hot and the barometer could climb to 35 °C. But the average Barcelona temperature stays around 29 °C. Humidity levels touch almost 70 % and there are occasional showers. August is the hottest month when most Barcelonans escape to cooler heights and many shops, bars and restaurants down their shutters. Use light clothing and carry your sunshades.

Winter months are very pleasant when the temperature in Barcelona remains around 12 °C. The lowest temperatures are recorded in January. Snowfalls are rare but outskirts experience frost. The skies are overcast and there could be rain but neither of these will disrupt your vacation. Nevertheless, do carry some warm clothing and raingear.

Autumn is the best time to visit Barcelona. The temperature in Barcelona ranges between 15 °C and 21 °C. The days are warm and occasional thunderstorms bring the temperature down further.